One of the most important aspects of your home is your landscaping. It’s what people first notice when they arrive, and it speaks volumes about your priorities. With artificial turf landscaping, you can achieve a luxurious lawn that lasts, and lower your overall costs for the upkeep of it, too. Here’s why.

It Reduces Your Lawn Maintenance

Many homeowners appreciate how little lawn care they need to do with an artificial grass lawn. There’s no need to buy or maintain lawn equipment, and it frees up your time and money for other projects.

It Lasts for Years

Because synthetic turf is so durable, it’s going to last for many years after you install it. It’s a product that’s designed to bounce back from heavy foot traffic, harsh weather conditions and even pet waste. The best part is, the artificial grass holds that beautiful, natural color throughout the life of the lawn.

It Practically Eliminates Your Lawn-Watering Costs

Natural lawns are thirsty and require regular and deep watering to stay green and healthy. And as the costs of water go up and there are more limitations on when and how much water you can use, switching to a synthetic lawn cuts out the need for watering the grass, lowering your water bill.

Are You Interested in Artificial Turf Landscaping in Long Beach?

While there is an initial cost associated with installing artificial grass, many find that the long-term savings on water bills, lawn care equipment, and maintenance efforts make it a cost-effective investment. Achieve the beautiful property you deserve with the attentive services of Monarch Landscape & Design. As a locally owned and operated company, our only goal is to provide you with outstanding service when it comes to the design and implementation of your landscaping plans, including pet-friendly turf. We use only premium rocks and materials to create the rockscapes, ponds, artificial turf or hardscape driveways and patios you envision to elevate the appearance of your home. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly artificial turf landscaping experts and begin the process of transforming your home.

Get a Gorgeous Lawn with Artificial Turf Landscaping in Long Beach

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