If you’re surprised by artificial grass price per square foot, pause to consider the ways in which installing it actually saves you money in the long run. When you factor in the cost-savings for upkeep and the added benefits to your overall lifestyle, you’ll see why it can be a wise financial investment in your property.

It Solves Multiple Landscaping Problems

Beyond preserving a lush green lawn regardless of weather, your artificial grass can be an effective barrier against erosion that causes long-term damage to your property that’s costly to repair. It also helps prevent grass staining and bleaching from pet waste, worn paths from regular foot traffic and even helps keep pesky bugs away.

Enjoy Low Long-Term Maintenance Costs

Get ready to watch your lawn irrigation costs go down, along with the maintenance, upkeep and time required for mowing. Artificial grass is practically maintenance-free and yet always looks neat and freshly cut.

No Worries About Harsh Weather Killing Your Grass

If your lawn struggles during an extended period of hot or dry weather, you may be stuck with brown grass that just won’t recover. Spot replacement costs a lot of time and money, whether you get sod or try to grow grass from seed. With synthetic grass, you never need to worry about dry, dead patches.

Want to Know More About Artificial Grass Price Per Square Foot in Long Beach?

At Monarch Landscape & Design, we offer everything you need for a beautifully landscaped property that’s always inviting yet low-maintenance, regardless of the type of artificial grass price per square foot. We are locally owned and operated, and our only goal is to provide you with outstanding service when it comes to the design and implementation of your landscaping plans. Our skilled team utilizes premium rocks and materials to create rockscapes, ponds, artificial turf or hardscape driveways and patios with one-of-a-kind results. Contact us today and let’s get started on your landscaping project.

Best Artificial Grass Price Per Square Foot, From Selection to Installation, in Long Beach

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