If you want the best of both worlds–a luxurious lawn and an outdoor space that’s welcoming to dogs, synthetic pet-friendly turf is the answer. With a wide range of options to complement even the most upscale properties, this distinctive kind of artificial grass offers significant benefits for you and your dogs. Here’s what to look for when making your selection.

Has the Turf Received Antimicrobial Treatments?

Artificial grass that’s been treated with an antimicrobial solution designed to be safe and effective against pet waste ensures your lawn stays odor-free. It can also help keep your dogs healthier by minimizing the risks of exposure to biological contaminants. Your outdoor space will be a pleasant experience for yourself and your guests.

Are the Blades Soft Enough?

Manufacturers offer multiple types of synthetic grass with varying levels of softness. It’s important to find one that’s a good match for the sensitivity of pets’ tender paws for their comfort and well-being. 

How Permeable Is the Turf?

Synthetic turf is designed to allow drainage, and that’s especially important when it’s going to be used in a pet run or play area. Your turf will be easier to keep clean and sanitary, protecting dogs’ health, when it’s highly permeable for urine.

Could Synthetic Pet-Friendly Turf Better Meet Your Dog’s Needs in Los Angeles?

At Monarch Landscape & Design, we offer everything you need for a beautifully landscaped property that’s always inviting yet low-maintenance. We are locally owned and operated, and our only goal is to provide you with outstanding service when it comes to the design and implementation of your landscaping plans, including pet-friendly turf. Our skilled team utilizes premium rocks and materials to create rockscapes, ponds, artificial turf or hardscape driveways and patios with one-of-a-kind results. Contact us today, and let’s get started on your landscaping project.

Create a Comfortable and Safe Outdoor Place for Dogs in Los Angeles with Synthetic Pet-Friendly Turf

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