It’s important for dogs to spend time running and playing outside to maintain good physical and mental health. Artificial grass for dogs is a reliable way to support pet’s active lifestyle. It’s a versatile solution that can be customized for any exterior space, from a dog run to a full backyard. Here’s why it’s such a smart idea for improving your dog’s outdoor experience.  

It’s Healthier

Synthetic grass stays lush and green all year long. There’s no need for fertilizers or pesticides to fight common causes of dead or patchy grass. Those chemicals can cause physical or neurological harm to your dog when they roll on the lawn or lick their paws after walking on it. 

It Resists Fading and Bleaching

Anyone whose dog has urinated in the grass knows that spot can quickly turn brown because it’s so strong. Fake grass can withstand pet urine because it’s made of durable synthetics and fabricated with mesh that allows the dog urine to pass through it. 

It’s Easy to Take Care Of

Because synthetic turf requires such little maintenance, your pet will have maximum opportunity to use the dog run you’ve created. There’s no downtime for your pet while you mow, weed, fertilize, aerate and water the lawn. 

Would You Like to Enhance Your Palm Springs Property with Artificial Grass for Dogs?

Monarch Landscape & Design is locally owned and operated, and our only goal is to provide you with the kind of attentive service and precision results that you deserve as a discerning property owner. We have the skilled team and premium rocks and materials available to create the rockscapes, ponds, artificial turf or hardscape driveways and patios that set your property apart. Contact us today for artificial grass for dogs and see how easy it is to provide your beloved pet with a safe and comfortable place to run and play.

Artificial Grass for Dogs to Entice and Entertain Your Pet Outdoors in Palm Springs

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